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Principium Ascensionis
(Schattenkult Produktionen)

Black Metal is what Belgian ADVERSUS is delivering with this, their first release, which has come forth as a five track EP. A quite dark and harsh album with a sinister attitude, and a great feel lingering in-between the old school second wave of Black Metal and the experimental Avantgarde form that emerged, as the flame of the old was dying out. So we have a base in old fashioned Black Metal and an icecold nerve and blazing atmosphere. The darkness sucks you in, that combined with the sounds, progressions and vocal inspirations from newer MAYHEM to DØDHEIMSGARD, or what they are called today or have been called in between, and the likes that succeded in progressing Black Metal from old to a tad newer expression, being positive or not, in this context it actually works, as it has done in some contexts of the mentioned bands. Clever songwriting with some good hooks, the overall dark and eerie atmosphere, the music itself and what it creates, it all works and makes this release rather interesting. Slow and droning sometimes, fierce and aggressive at others, good riffing, catching rhythmpatterns, it is tied nicely together, if nicely is a fitting word for an album like this. The Belgian duo has made a small statement with their first release, and if they are able to follow up on this, we'll hear a lot more of ADVERSUS. Darkness come:,

Anders Peter Jřrgensen

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