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Skull Torture

From the looks of it, a crude skull impaled on a stake, and a very Thrash Metal looking logo adorning the cover, one would think AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR a four-piece band - at the very least, three. Alas no, only one dark soul by the name of Mikael Holm played all the instruments and wrote all of the songs. Perhaps it gets lonely in the AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR rehearsal space with only one person, but having yourself as the sole member of your band means the listener receives music unmodified by anyone else. We get only what Holm’s imagination gives us. First, ‘Total Autopsy’ starts up with a CELTIC FROST styled beat. Holm’s nasally, almost-spoken word vocals sound like a horror movie witch, preaching to her dark brethren. The interesting thing about this vocal approach is that you can hear each word clearly pronounced, and yet the tone of the voice retains a sepulchral quality, creating what I like to call the black speech effect: brutal vocals, but with audible, clearly spoken words. Next, ‘Sacrifice Of Virgin’ gallops at a steady pace once again bringing to mind CELTIC FROST, but I have a feeling most people when they hear this song will think of DARKTHRONE and BATHORY. ‘Flames Of Hell,’ is, I think, a happy song - happy the way in which, say, we would feel if Hell actually existed and we knew we were fated to party with Satan for all eternity. Happily blasphemous, I should say. It’s the sort of song you drink to. Finally, the fourth and final song, ‘Crushed By Tyranny,’ hammers the demo home. By far the most brutal song on the tape, ‘Crushed By Tyranny’ is Thrash par excellence. I know I mentioned the requisite influences (BATHORY, CELTIC FROST) but after listening to ‘Crushed’ several times, I think a little NIFELHEIM made its way in. Regret is the last thing you’ll feel when you listen to this great demo.

Nathan Shapiro

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