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It was just a few days ago that I had to write a few words of criticism on AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR and their latest demo “Curse Of The Outlaw”. The usually very fine ultra raw Black Thrash of the very productive Swedish duo was spoiled by a thin and too powerless production on that tape. But now the two busy guys are back again with their third output this year, another demo called “Långrocken” (Swedish for “long coat”), completely sung in their native language. And they are back on track, in a musical meaning. Of course the recording is still extremely raw and rude, since AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR are again at war with technical and overproduced music. And there's still no sign of too much instrumental finesse in the four songs. The overall feeling on “Långrocken” pretty much reminds of DARKTHRONE, maybe due to the fact that the Swedish and Norwegian languages are closely related. But the musical approach of AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR also changed a bit and now features a certain influence from the old days of NWOBHM glory. The opening 'Storängen' might not serve as the best example for this, it's a classical Black Thrash massacre in the best tradition of the duo. But check out 'Långrocken', which is already pretty melodic for an AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR song. And 'Barbro Påle' comes along with finest old school NWOBHM breaks. The final mid-tempo based 'Vagnsberget' even is the most melodic song the dynamic duo did to date. Maybe you can see “Långrocken” as AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR's nod to the work of DARKTHRONE. Or just do it like me: see it as a fuckin' good raw blackish Metal tape that nods before the elder gods of real Metal. You can get “Långrocken” at the Swedes bandcamp site: Tape lovers might as well try to grab one of the tape copies Bifrost Records is going to release, limited to only 100 pieces:

Thomas Meyer

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