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The Polarity Axiom
(Woodcut Records)

The 4th full-length album from these "blacker-than-thou" blacksters ALGHAZANTH titled "The Polarity Axiom" basically continues from right there where they left off on their previous album "Orisis - Typhoon Unmasked". I mean, ALGHAZANTH's savage, violent, occasionally somewhat melodic, keyboard-ridden, blastbeat - orientated and in many ways even atmospheric Black Metal still has lots of musical reference points to the Swedish messengers of evil and darkness DARK FUNERAL, so in that sense, the band has won the safe, dark waters on their side again. Well, of course they don't entirely try to rip DARK FUNERAL off with this new 8-track offering of theirs although it can honestly be spitted out that they do border on those "darkfuneralish" unholy territories more than once or twice in each song they have recorded for "The Polarity Axiom". But as this nowadays 5-piece band seems to do their plagiarism so well and professionally - and as I personally love what DARK FUNERAL does in their world of sinister and more blackish sounds of Metal, they are forgiven - at least from my side. I'm not saying ALGHAZANTH are exactly like a Finnish twin brother of DARK FUNERAL musically, 'coz there's a few elements involved with ALGHAZANTH's Black Metal approach there that probably wouldn't be touched ever by a red & hot devil claw of the infernal hordes of the DARK FUNERAL - camp. Pick up for example the last song from the record (the song is called 'Forsaking The Yoke'), tune your ears at 2:50 minute mark and beware to hurt your neck when you start agreeing with me. So it's only a good thing that ALGHAZANTH has at least some intention to strive for their own individual satanic musical expression to gain more attention than just plain and shameless copycats only. However, with "The Polarity Axiom" I can see them strengthening their position even more as a skillful and relatively impressive bunch in the world of an atmospheric and upliftingly symphonic Black Metal even if there's nothing particularly that new or "newly discovered" in ALGHAZANTH's Black Metal invasion we already couldn't have become aware of before. Still, I'm quite certain that many of you may find "The Polarity Axiom" a good investment for your money, so take this as a tip has been given...

Luxi Lahtinen

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