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Crushing Metal Tape / Put To Death
(Home Taping Cruelties)
14:46min / 14:37min

ANTICHRIST might not be a very original bandname and that's the case for the music, too. It's nothing new what those 5 Thrashers in ANTICHRIST offer, plain and ordinary Speed / Thrash Metal with huge influences from the German bands in these genres in the late eighties. What might sound rather negative here is blessing and curse as there are many bands around offering good Metal music in this genre, too. On the other side you know what you get and if you are a fan of this genre you won't do anything wrong in supporting those crazy Swedes here. Their first demo "Crushing Metal Tape" features 3 songs + intro and their 2nd demo "Put To Death" just three songs, each with an average playing time of 15 minutes. On "Chrushing Metal Tape" I especially want to pick out the amazing 'Torment In Hell' with its cool and catchy riff. Though the real massacre starts when listening to the opener of their 2nd demo "Put To Death" called 'Sign Of The Beast'. What stands out is the better sound here, more powerful, better produced and straight to the bone. The right music for fans of old school Thrash Metal and a helluva great demotape, if you ask me. If my information is correct the band is currently preparing for their first full-length to be released on the mighty vinyl-label High-Roller-Records and, to be honest, it suits ANTICHRIST well to put out a vinyl-only-album - oldfashioned as fuck. As the band is really old school they have no homepage, no email address even no myspace-page, but nevertheless for those interested in these 2 tapes should write the old school way to the following address asking if the tapes are still available: Gabriel Forslund, Notövägen 10, 352 44 Vaxjö, Sweden. A mailorder which offers those 2 tapes in its selection is - as long as their homepage is up to date. Check it out, but be warned, their "Put To Death" demo comes covered in rotten goatblood. I got the demos as mp3-files from Melle at Home Taping Cruelties, so don't ask me what stench this might be...

Thomas Ehrmann

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