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All Tomorrow‘s Funerals
(Peaceville Records)

After being loosely added as bonuses on the several reprints of older releases by classic Californian Death Metal gods AUTOPSY, the band’s follow up release to the indescribably fantastic comeback album “Macabre Eternal”, dubbed “All Tomorrow‘s Funerals”, now combines all EP tracks from more than 25 years of churning out the sickest sounds imaginable. But that’s not all, along with a re-recorded version of 'Mauled To Death' from the band’s 1987 demo, the new tunes 'All Tomorrow’s Funerals', 'Broken People', 'Maggot Holes' you’ll also find a big fat booklet (incl. liner notes, lyrics) alongside remastered versions of all the rancid AUTOPSY EPs “Retribution For The Dead”, “Fiend For Blood”, “Horrific Obsession”, “The Tomb Within” and the 'Funereality' version which could be found on that Peaceville Vol. 4 comp on this over 70 minutes long platter. Since I only owned parts of these older EP tracks due to the “we still got space on that disk, let’s add “Fiend For Blood” again!” kinda packaging policy of Peaceville you can now ram another bunch of bucks down their greedy throats to get all the missing gems in your collection in case you were not there when the original EPs were out and come on, this is f**king AUTOPSY so any human being into Death Metal has to have these songs anyways. Unfortunately, in contrast to my excitement over the band’s fabulous return album the new songs included on this compilation are nothing all to special and the hectic, twisted title-track would not have been misplaced on an ABSCESS release, but the straighter 'Broken People' and punishing re-recording of 'Mauled To Death' are definitely solid tracks. 'Maggot Holes' is rather forgettable in my opinion. If you’re looking for the ideal way to fill some gaps in your AUTOPSY collection “All Tomorrow’s Funerals” is the perfect pick. If you expect great new songs as well you might be in for a downer since “Macabre Eternal” was such a flawless release while the tunes presented here on can only partially live up to that. Ultimately, it comes down to the amount of love you have for the masters of funereal Death Metal and I got a lot of that for sure and would have bought this straight away anyways. Why? Because it’s f**king AUTOPSY!,

Stefan Franke

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