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Metal Is Invincible
(Infernö Records)

It is a chilly evening during winter's final days, its death rattle if you will. I put on my longest and heaviest robe. It feels like lead weight on my shoulders that are already weary from moving large monolithic stones to honor my pagan ancestors. I take long walks in quiet solitude, looking at the moon late at night while I pray to the various goddesses. I light a candle for the druids of generations past and sit at my Victorian era desk in front of my quills and prepare to write my memoirs as I revel in my still, somber existence to this beautifully dark and foreboding odyssey of music... oh, wait. JUST KIDDING. Hailing from Brazil, AXECUTER is the proverbial glue-sniff I needed to shake off some of my Northwest gloom and a lot of my brain cells. Don't get me wrong, I am a lover of all things heavy, but holy crap if it doesn't get way too serious sometimes that I end up in a rabbit hole of maudlin despair. AXECUTER gets your ass in gear with the not-so-subtle reminder that 'Bangers Prevail'... and they do indeed. Just look at their damn album cover. At first glance, you may be asking yourself, "Man, are they serious??". And the answer to that is a resounding "YES" and well, "no" at the same time. But really, who the hell cares? It's Metal. It's the kind of Metal you drink beer in a parking lot and commit arson to. Their sound is pretty classic, Speed Thrash burgeoning on something much more up front and sinister, heavy VENOM influences, which is just fine with me. The lyrics are direct and simple as if they were carved into your desk during homeroom with the pointy part of a geometry compass; "Trendy ears are enemies, Metal is our home... raging voices twist your mind, distorted strings will haunt your soul, low bass notes will burn the amps, and fast beats complete our goal..." These songs are for the Thrasher within us and brings him to the forefront in all of his unabashed glory; he's loud, kind of dumb and he's trying to get out in the worst way. All you need to do is get over yourself for like 50 minutes and feed the goddamn beast already. Then go back to whatever you were doing before...,

Angelica Jannone

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