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Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat
(Moribund Records)

This is one of the most ambitious venture I've seen coming from a real underground label like Moribund Cult. First and foremost because of the musical aspect and for taking the risk of releasing a double album of a band like AZRAEL which is in fact not easy to swallow. Not many labels would back up their bands in such a way so this has to be definitely recognized. Business-wise overkill for some, artistic-wise very challenging for others. This release is basically 2 CDs put together in one package with little or no significant style / production differences between the two which means that this collection of songs were recorded almost at the same time or at least with the same production vibe. Musically speaking, AZRAEL call themselves avantgarde Black Metal that if you ask me is a very pretentious way to be recognized by the public if you obviously cannot pull a decent arrangement, even though you seem to be very musically capable of coming up with actual songs. AZRAEL "attempts" to actually come up with something coherent end up in a messy, awkward or even going-nowhere slow-meets-melodic Black Metal improvisations with a psychedelia edge to it. The whole thing does never lift from the ground and never gets you mentally anywhere. Music is supposed to transport, to move our feelings in some way or at least to alter your state of mind while listening but what AZRAEL urges me to do is to press the STOP button on my player. This might do something for someone who's fucking stoned or drunk as hell but if you are looking for quality married to originality look somewhere else. Get it at:

Mario Cubero

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