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Suicide Of The Immortal (Demo 1986)
(Israhellbanger Records)

After the very cool "We're Not Dead" demo by BETRAYTOR we have another Israelean outfit worshipping the old Metal without swank. Today, a moniker like BESTIAL DEATH will have some trouble being taken serious but to learn these five tracks were recorded almost a quarter of a century explains a lot. Israhellbanger Records will release it on pro-tape in June 2010, so soon it will see the light of day as an official release. 'Suicide Of The Immortal', 'Dead Resurrection', 'Beyond The Fog', 'Nuclear Hell' and 'Bestial Death' made me think of a SEPULTURA rehearsal from the "Bestial Devastation" / "Morbid Vision" days in every way. Very crunchy sound and sometimes it's hard to hear what's going on. Musicwise it's pretty straight forward Thrash Metal with competent riffing and decent drumming. Vocalist Eyal sounds like a twin brother of Max Cavalera and I had to change my attitude (realising this was OLD) to give this a fair treatment and neglect the shitty sound. What was revealed is a band that could be Israel's no. 1 deadly answer to the German Thrash legions and this demo is the only proof of that. It's mean, it's raging and would have caused some hysteria 25 years ago. So I'm afraid it's too old to impress anyone, unless you're a nostalgiac Thrash Metal fan. Israhellbanger Records is respectfully taking great care of their products so this release will feature the cover artwork originally drawn for this demo by Michael Goldshtein of SALEM (Isr), a 1" pin and an A4 poster. Take a listen on,

Michael Tak

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