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Hallucinating In Resurrecture
(Dark Descent Records)

In my humble opinion the British Death Metal scene wasn't that good in the past. Sure there is a legend such as BOLT THROWER but not much more. Fortunately since a few years the British underground spew out some really brilliant bands. CRUCIAMENTUM, GRAVE MIASMA, DIAMANTHIAN and now another jewel: BINAH. The trio immersed out of the unknown and was signed by mighty Dark Descent Records before they could release a demo. So their first sign of life is this full-length debut album. And this is absolutely a masterpiece of darkened Death Metal art. BINAH really understood how to create fascinating songs and how to create a haunting and morbid atmosphere. The songs are mainly slow and mid-paced but there are also a few faster eruptions. The guitar work is remarkable, the riffs are destined to break your neck and the leads have a beautiful sinister melodic edge. I especially like the vocals, the voice is utterly dark, gloomy, brutal and very, very charismatic. Hell yeah, that's the way I like my Death Metal served. I would highly recommend BINAH to fans of the old Finnish Death Metal legends and younger bands such as SONNE ADAME, VALLENFYRE, DISMA, FUNEBRARUM and the likes. Although they don't sound like the most original band on the planet they didn't copy any other band either. So if you call yourself a Death Metal fan, you can't do anything wrong by purchasing this album and supporting this more than promising new band. Now stop reading and order "Hallucinating In Resurrecture" directly by the band or via Dark Descent Records.,


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