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Have A Nice Death!
(Metal On Metal Records)

Old Thrash Metal bands are constantly being reformed… BITTER END from Seattle, is undoubtedly one of the most obscure and unknown US Thrash Metal bands out there as far I have seen this. The band released only one album named "Harsh Realities" on Metal Blade Records in 1990 - and just 2 years from that, they split up like many other Thrash Metal bands did during the first half of 90s. BITTER END made their reunion in 2011 - and since the band still had lots of unreleased material from the period of 1991-92, just waiting to get released, the Italian Metal On Metal Records took the opportunity and got them released - with additional bonus demo plus live tracks, naturally. As for the band's comeback album "Have A Nice Death!", if you have ever liked any progressive type of Thrash Metal à la WATCHTOWER, ANACRUSIS, HEATHEN and bands of those sorts -  and have not been afraid of a humorous lyrical approach, then BITTER END could be right up your alley, I think. The six new tracks they have (only) recorded for this new BITTER END opus, are all pretty up-tempo and fast-paced Thrash Metal cuts - spiced with some nice melodic passages, good solo work, individual bass lines here and there, too.  Vocalist & guitarist Matt Fox who also used to dominate his 6-stringer in such Metal bands as HOLY TERROR and DR. UNKNOWN, probably ain't one of the most outstanding singers out there nowadays, but his vocal style still fits to BITTER END's progressive Speed / Thrash Metal approach well enough. At times he does remind me of John Bush (ARMORED SAINT, ex-ANTHRAX) in some peculiar way, and that's a good sign, I guess. The bonuses here - 8 tracks all in all, are of course nice additions to this record, but since there are only 6 new tracks - added with these 8 old demo + live tracks, it makes me to think why on earth they did not wait for a little bit longer to get like 2-4 new songs more recorded for their comeback album in order to make the whole album sort of, worth your money? Those 8 additional bonus tracks would have fitted better for the purpose of making this even a double-CD instead. Despite what I said about some tiny minus sides of this record, in the end this can be considered a pretty solid release from the regrouped BITTER END camp after all.,

Luxi Lahtinen

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