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Vana Vigala Loits
(Ibex Moon Records)

Maybe you saw INCANTATION during their 2004 European tour, then you saw BLOODY SIGN drummer Ilmar who took place behind the INCANTATION drum kit because original INCATATION drummer Kyle couldn't play that tour. Anyway, after several demo releases here's finally the debut album by French old school maniacs BLOODY SIGN. On "Vana Vigala Loits" they are presenting a rather cool mixture of blasphemous, old fashioned Death (more) and Black (not that much) Metal. The song basis mainly is Death Metal decorated with many tempo changes, plenty neck breaking guitar riffs, pounding drums and aggressive, growling vocals... now and then BLOODY SIGN added some blackish screaming and some fast Black Metal riffs. For my personal taste those parts are superfluous but as mentioned before the Death Metal part is the dominant one. BLOODY SIGN created some very fine and powerful songs with an unholy atmosphere and therefore I really enjoy "Vana Vigala Loits"... it's raw, it's dark... it's Metal!!! Unfortunately there are only five "real" songs on "Vana Vigala Loits". Track number four, the title track, is nothing but the whaling voices of old women... sounds like that kinda African tribe chanting... it would have been okay for a short intro but 2:41 minutes are definitely too long and definitely too boring... Besides that there is also a good PESTILENCE cover version and the last song is recorded live. So the regular album isn't longer than 22 minutes which is, in my humble opinion, not that munch for a full-length release, isn't it? But that are the only negative points here. "Vana Vigala Loits" is a damned cool piece of well played, unholy and absolutely non trendy Metal and it's highly recommendable to all old school Death Metal heads. Thumbs up...


Vana Vigala Loits

Quite a blast! Recorded in Estonia on their 2003 tour, this album shows a skilled and highly motivated old school band! I never heard the old demos but according to Frank, this one's an improvement once again. And indeed, "Vana Vigala Loits" is highly enjoyable. Their new singer sounds strong, totally in the old tradition, no ridiculous frognoize on here of course! Actually, the vocals are even the coolest part of this demo (I tend to rather fix on vocalists anyway) and might be the little extra putting BLOODY SIGN above all those hordes of traditional extreme Metal bands. On the other hand, there is a slight difference between BLOODY SIGN and the old classics like PESTILENCE or ASPHYX which can be witnessed on this very CD as BLOODY SIGN cover PESTILENCE's 'Parricide'. But I didn't say these French sickos are the next big thing everybody's gonna buy and love, those times seem to be over anyway BUT I don't see a reason why fans of those aforementioned masters of Metal shouldn't like BLOODY SIGN because they're simply good. They opened for CRADLE OF FILTH and IMMOLATION in Strasbourg, France, (one track from the show on here) and I can tell you I'd rather have seen BLOODY SIGN instead of AGATHODAIMON who were the opening act in Hamburg, Germany at that tour. And that's the point: BLOODY SIGN are looking for a record deal right now and if there is any sense left in the underground companies, they're gonna sign a bloody contract with these guys right away. Until then you can order "Vana..." from the address above or directly at: Oh, and meet these crazy guys at the Voices fest!

Ramon Claassen

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