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Land Of Darkness
(Satanath Records / GrimmDistribution)

BRAHDR’UHZ, which translated from Swiss-German means something like “Break us” in old dialect, released their first full length in April 2018 via Satanath Records and GrimmDistribution. Founded in 2017 its already the 6th release, which is not bad considering the job one has to do even if it’s, like in this case, a very raw form of Black Metal. I couldn’t really figure if this project is a one-man movement or if more people are involved. Officially, all instruments, and it seems like also the mix and master, are done by “Brahz”. Still there are two people to find on a band picture. This is once more a band who likes to be on various social media platforms, still they like to keep it mysterious. So I will play the game and consider them as a one man band. Personally I have a very weak spot for raw and ugly stuff like BRAHDR'UHZ creates. But after years of listening to that special kind of Black Metal I figured it needs much more to create a real beast out of crappy techniques and record equipment. That’s why shitloads of bands failed and embarrassed themselves by trying to record a new “Hvis Lyset Tarr Oss”. BRAHDR'UHZ definitely don’t embarrass himself neither is he trying to copy the weirdo from the north. Anyway he tampers with the same ingredients. Atmosphere, coldness, despair, repetitive riffing and a thin sound. Therefore I find the whole package too empty to really experience something big. I believe if you would record this one in better quality with people playing the instrument that know how to play best, this could be a very interesting piece of art. But this way it's sadly 70 minutes of a riff hide-and-seek game. With every song having an average length of 5 minutes this record demands a patient listener. Unfortunately it can’t provide to keep the intensity up high throughout the whole album. “Land Of Darkness” has a big potential. Once more Switzerland shows that they are the secret leaders of evil and raw one-man-projects in Europe. But since the bar is so up high “Land Of Darkness” is not able to reach the peak. But I am very certain that might change soon. Check it yourself!,


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