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The Mind Is Collapsed
(Goressimo Records)

43 songs, 32 minutes. That's less than a minute a song. And judging by the cover, the Italian duo seems like another Gore / Death / Grind machine, right? Well, they are. And this is their second full length entitled "The Mind Is Collapsed" via Goressimo Records. And being a fan of the sub-genre, I was expecting a lot of blood on the wall. But it never went past a couple drops. Basically, CANNIBE fits into the same style as PLASMA, TORSOFUCK, early BLOOD DUSTER, DEAD, early REGURGITATION and the likes. Ivan on charge of the vocals (even though I doubt there are any actual lyrics) and Andreas in charge of the guitars, bass and drum programming. Now, CANNIBE fits in nicely in the style they are following. They have the right ideas, the funny attitude and the creative song titles. Plus they incorporate some good ideas in their music, despise the fact that their longest song clocks at 1:42. The production is clear and well defined, with no heaviness whatsoever. And that takes away much of the needed crushing and dirty sound that, in my humble opinion, defines the genre. The guitar tone is muddy and muffled. I can't really hear the bass. But I think the weakest link here is the drum programming. The drum sound is absolutely plastic and the programming itself is basic and has no variation. It's just a continuous blast beat and stop-and-go cymbal chokes with some mid-paced rhythms here and there. I would recommend ENTRAILS' 2009 demo tape "Reborn" as a great example of how drum programming should be done. Now, if you are one of those maniacs that enjoy blood, intestines and flying limbs, no matter what, you should check CANNIBE for sure. Me? I'll pass this one up, thank you. More info on the band here:,

Alfonso Perez

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