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(Earache Records)

"Heartwork" is Earache's second CARCASS re-issue in the current dual disc series and it easily blows away the "Necroticism" re-release. Not only because "Heartwork" was musically the way better album (no, to me the band had definitely NOT sold out with it!), but also because of the very impressive extra stuff that comes along with it this time. The DVD section (approx.35min) offers part IV of the CARCASS history interview... Bill, Jeff, Ken and Michael are discussing topics such as the production of the album with Colin Richardson, H.R.Giger, their vegetarian / vegan way of living and Michael's departure from the band. But apart from this already pretty interesting little extra, you're furthermore getting another audio disc this time that features a 10 song pre-production demo that CARCASS had recorded in February 1993 prior to the "Heartwork" album recordings. Songwise it's exactly the same, except for the fact that 'Deliverance' got renamed to 'Embodiment' and 'Arbeit Macht Frei' to 'Arbeit Macht Fleisch' later on. It's highly interesting to check out these original versions nevertheless as they showcase pretty good how tight and well prepared the band already was at the time, still managing to improve certain parts of the songs on the actual album. When it comes to the "Heartwork" album itself, I must say that I never really understood why so many people didn't seem to like it. Ok, the band had left behind their Grind elements completely at this point of time, but on the other hand they had increased the level of pure aggression immensely. To me "Heartwork" is a milestone of perfectly produced, stripped to the bone, raw, intense Thrash that offers countless killer riffs, very strong, pissed off sounding vocals and on top of it those catchy, melodic leads of Michael Amott. When I listened to it again due to this re-issue I was blown away in the same way as back when I've heard it for the first time. So, to me "Heartwork" is definitely the most underrated CARCASS album ever! I just hope that it will get a second chance now, due to this new edition, which also comes as a massive digipak, including all lyrics to the album tracks. So, ignore all the stupid comments of narrow minded Grind diehards (yes, I definitely agress that "Symphonies Of Sickness" is another masterpiece in the history of the band!) and make sure to get yourself a copy of it now!,

Frank Stöver

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