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Choice Cuts
(Earache Records)

I remember the extremity of Carcass, both musically and visually speaking. And now with "Choice Cuts" I'm going back in time to bring in some slaughter in my life. Carcass was the most extreme band at the time, and their grindcore did way more impression than the godly "Altars Of Madness" and "Leprosy" albums. The reason was simply that Carcass' two first albums were more extreme. Both "Reek Of Putrefaction" and especially "Symphonies Of Sickness" were and still is grindcore of the finest art. Dirty and rotten to the core, with such a fantastic track as 'Exhume To Consume' from the second album. However, "Nectroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious" showed us a band that wanted to develop. Personally I never got really into their safely step into the world of more structure and deadly riffing, as I kinda thought they became nicer and nicer from the "Nectroticism..." album up to "Heartwork" and their "Swansong". Musically speaking they became better, there's no doubt about that but somehow I think they lost their magic touch of extremity when Bill Steer sang less and less. Still though, such a track as 'Corporal Jigsore Quandary' makes many a Metallers dream come true with precision, variation and good solos. I think the inclusion of the two Peel Sessions from '89 and '90 is a nice gesture to both old fans and also those who'd like to delve into the extreme world of grindcore art. Just listen to 'Empathological Necroticism' once again, and you know this is art. Personally speaking (as always) I think "Choice Cuts" is a good compilation of Carcass songs that needs to be remembered, but still I don't think the last two albums did any good to me so I won't scream out loud and order you to get this. But, since this is history you should at least consider it. Or buy the three first albums.

Roy Kristensen

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