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The Act Of Retaliation
(PRC Music)

CHEMICIDE is a 4 piece Thrash Metal band from San Jose, Costa Rica and this is their 2nd full length release as their 1st release was a split back in 2011 and a full length in 2015 which was on their own label. The band have had the same line-up since they formed which is a plus in my book. They play good old fashioned Thrash Metal and by Thrash Metal I don’t mean that shitty PANTERA crap. They play Thrash in the vein of older TESTAMENT and traces of EXODUS as well. Now I also went back and listened to their debut release and it is pretty much in the same vein as this, but not a copycat release mind you. The music on this is old school Bay Area style Thrash Metal with lots of speed and hooky guitar riffs and those EXODUS style pounding drums. The singer has a somewhat screaming voice that sounds a little like Rob Duke (who replaced Zetro before he rejoined EXODUS), but he thank god doesn’t have that tough guy Phil from PANTERA vocals sound. The razor sharp riffs (think the band VIO-LENCE) will have heads banging and this band brings some serious intense speed to the table I assure you of that. The production allows everything to flow freely and if you’re a fan of old school Thrash Metal you will enjoy this and also check out their debut release for more of the same. Horns up from me. More info at: or

Chris Forbes

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