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Psychosis Ex Machina
(Foamin' Sodomy Records)

If nice melodies, undistorted vocals and understandable song structures are a must for you, I recommend to stop reading here. If you don't like musicians obviously being influenced by stimulants, whether legal or illegal, that create art that leave the impression you should try these stimulants as well to completely comprehend the album, then see above. Since you are still reading there must be a certain something that keeps you interested in this American band. Already their first full-length-album "Magog Agog" (released on Samoth's Nocturnal Art Productions which already should make you aware of the class this band incorporates) set them completely apart not only from the Black Metal-scene, which they are however nonetheless mostly associated with, but from ordinary music as well. NEUROSIS meets DARKTHRONE meets a noisy Industrial-act is still an insufficient description, but might give you a small hint what to expect. And where the debut already was an unbelievable mixture of harsh Black Metal, insane drumcomputer-parts and loops and partially simply pure noise, the new album takes everything even a step further, but both ways: on the one hand some songs have become as sweet and recognizeable as possible for a band like CHORONZON, melodies like rusty barbs attaching to your eardrums and on the other hand endless passages of sheer noise that drive you insane, especially when, which I recommend, you listen to this at maximum volume. I am not sure if I have made myself clear, but this is certainly neither your nostalgic Black Metal-trip nor has this anything in common with ordinary musicianship in general. If you like to approach this, and two general characteristics should be common to you: patience and open-mindedness, I suggest to give it a start with the fourth song 'Surge Of Blood' and then dig deeper into the spheres of P. Emerson Williams, I am able to promise you at least one thing: whether you like or hate it, this album will definitely leave you speechless. At least as speechless as me.


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