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Cancer Eradication
(Xtreem Music)

CHRIST DENIED's sophomore album "Cancer Eradication" is also their comeback album after 1996's debut "...Got What He Deserved". It is also the band of two extreme Metal musicians, Dave Rotten (AVULSED and others) and Roger Infected (INFECTED FLESH and others). With Dave covering the vocal department and Roger on the music department, one can only guess their musical output to be brutal and, indeed, extreme. And few things have changed since 1996, except for the overall production. Their music is still brutal, fast and heavy. These two guys have managed to record an album that showcases a sharp take on Death Metal with a high dose of explicit anti-Christian themes. Dave's vocals can get really subterranean, so to speak. And he mixes that with some "pig squeals" just to add variation. There are some parts that you either love or hate, due to his vocal approach being a bit different. He uses his voice almost as another percussion instrument. A good example of this is the opener 'Weak Lunatics'. Although, the band reaches blast beat speed, the songs switch between tempos; the slower tempos being the most memorable. Roger's manic style of guitar playing fits perfectly. He never goes for the technical wankery and rather sticks to solid, tremolo and power chord-riffing. The same goes for his drum programming. It is not basic, neither too complex. Production wise, the album sounds heavy and dense. Every instrument is there. And even though the bass guitar is not too audible in the mix, it follows the guitar lines and provides a good bottom edge to the music. I never really liked intros or spoken passages between songs (although 2 or 3 exceptions come to mind), but despise that, the programmed drums and similarities between songs, "Cancer Eradication" is constant from start to finish. And to wrap things up in a great manner, the IMPRECATION cover version is excellent! You can actually feel all that hate! Dave and Roger came up with a solid Death Metal album, but I would avise to work on their identity. After the first couple spins it didn't grab my attention that much. So, maybe adding some different elements next time could help a bit. More information on the band here:, Label contact:

Alfonso Perez

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