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(Symbol Of Domination Productions / Satanath Records)

The Costa Rican outfit COLEMESIS is around for respectable 25 years now. A quarter of a century, a very long time, indeed, and despite the fact that the band was on a seven year-hiatus, only three albums (one of these being a live album) and two EPs is not that much of a discography. Maybe that's a reason why I never heard of COLEMESIS before. So, I am condemned to write this review without any musical prejudice. The newest EP of the band is not as new as it seems. “Vivisección” originally was the first demo of the band, but I presume it's due to the band's anniversary that most of it was re-recorded last year. Of course I also don't know the original recordings. But I don't need to know it for my statement that this EP sounds absolutely crude. On “Vivisección”, COLEMESIS mix so many things together that it might be progressive, but also chaotic and nearly unbearable. Elements of Death Metal, US Power Metal, Prog Metal, Thrash, Speed and electronic sounds and experiments are haphazardly thrown together, no matter if it all fits, no matter if it sounds homogenous. As a result, anything here sounds like a band that just formed three weeks ago, on its way to find their style, not like it is the recording of a band around for an eternity. Somehow it is peculiar that the bonus track 'La Maldicion De Malinche', a pretty modern sounding track, sounds best here, without being good. In case you need this, or want to find out if COLOEMESIS are able to do better, visit or For the label, it's:

Thomas Meyer

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