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Unstoppable Power
(High Roller Records)

CONDOR are finally releasing their second full length via German High Roller Records. More than a year ago I stumbled across some footage from the studio sessions which really made me look forward to this release. "Unstoppable Power" starts off with a great spoken word intro which somehow reminded me of "Sentence Of Death" but not as a sheer copy but with its own character. The riff that follows said intro nearly blew me away with its sheer power. This is how a record should start! The second track 'Riders Of Violence' was up on bandcamp for quite a while now and is my personal highlight of the record. Pure thrashing madness - rapid, vicious, wild, simply put one hell of a song. No stupid shenanigans, no gimmicks, no nothing that waters down what Heavy Metal is supposed to be. 'Chained Victims' underlines the heritage of the band since there is no doubt that the massive AURA NOIR influences can be overheard. The main riff is catchy as hell and the middle part kills it. 'You Can't Escape The Fire' starts off a bit different with its kinda Hardcore-ish opening riff but after that we have AURA NOIR through and through again. I totally enjoyed hearing where the band comes from while still delivering their own thing. To also give some props to Maggressor, the leads rule on that track! The title track then closes the AURA NOIR inspired "trilogy" of songs and delivers again a similar power riff that's also found in the opener. '83 Days Of Radiotation' marks another huge highlight with its sheer power and classic Heavy Metal character. Great riffs, great songwriting and a great performance - just listen to that new drummer! To me personally probably the best drummer out there nowadays, Lombardo '85! 'Malevolent Curse' is probably the most "safe played" track on the record, definitely far from bad but still not as ass-kicking as the rest. 'Horrifier' finishes off this absolutely great record with some more intense and fast riffs and unbelievably killer drumming. Just listen to what happens from the middle section onwards. To make it short, "Unstoppable Power" definitely does exactly what it says. CONDOR rule - check them out via or

Marco Stebich

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