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(Caverna Abismal Records)

After their excellent “Transcendence” EP, I wouldn’t expect anything less striking from this Belgian band. “Tiberivs” seems to close a cycle regarding CULT OF ERINYES composition wanderings since it brings back the more ethereal aspect of the music they had done in their first materials, yet it does it with the heavier and blurry tones they’ve acquired along the years. The vocals are definitely the most consistent feature in their career, and it doesn’t fail to re-impose their signature in this album once again, sounding as a sort of tragic announcements on top of the ominous atmosphere created by the instruments. And speaking of which, it is the ominous charge that makes this album so good. The songs are, with no exception, played in a slower but engaging pace, progressively building up a certain tension instead of escaping to aggression and brutality approaches. The guitar distortion does fill everything with a wall of sound that backs up rather melodious solos, which even if not exploring too many riffs per se, still gives their music a very mysterious character. There are though outstanding riffs as in the start of the track ‘Loner’ that impregnate in your head as a proper Metal riff would do as we all know it, but it quickly shifts into their main atmospheric mood. This is the kind of album that compresses a long period of time into mere minutes such enjoyable it is. It is a 55-minute long album (also released in a limited edition of 300 cassette copies via Caverna Abismal Records - Frank), yet it flies by. But “Tiberivs” owes its length to the final song ‘For Centuries to Come’, an 11 minute-long composition that starts in accordance with the rest of the album, but clearly shows they have grown fond of introspective and contemplative passages. Personally, I’d highlight the song 'Germanicvs' and its both upbeat and atmospheric riffs interweaving along simple but remarkable lead guitars. A fantastic album that wraps up the work of a very coherent band in their search for authenticity. I am pretty sure they are far better off he spotlights and it reflects on their music at every release they put on. Check CULT OF ERINYES for yourself at and at

Diego Rodrigues

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