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Reaching The Veil Of Death
(Lux Inframundis Productions)

Somehow I expected a lot from this Chicago band (it features an ex-CENOTAPH (Mexico) member who moved to Chicago) from the moment I saw one of 'em wearing an OZ t-shirt (well it may sound weird to some of you but when somebody wears such an unusual thing then it may mean that actually the guy knows what catchy, yet strong Metal was and can influence his songwriting - at least that's how I see it)! After the usual intro this four piece open the hostilities with the title track in a slow, strong, intense and menacing manner but within a minute speed made its way onto the tune and as a result 'Reach...' turns out to be a rather enjoyable Death Metal tune, nothing original or truly killer, just okay stuff. Unfortunately things don't remain as enjoyable with 'The Gravefields' (a boring deathly tune where the riffing sounds more happy than anything else with the type of Black Metal vomiting vocals that I hate), 'This Spiritual Profanity' (a better tune musicwise featuring some okay riffing but ruined (at least for me) by those blackish vocals. Man, why don't they try to sing like early Araya or Angel Ripper? 'Embrace My Funeral' is a 1:24min boring intro and fortunately 'Cut Throat' ends this in an much better manner, a mid paced number which reminds me a lot of very early MASTER but without the sheer brilliance. Nothing to go wild about, not worse or better than 99% of the stuff around. At least I've learnt not to judge something from a shirt point of view! Contact:, website:

Laurent Ramadier

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