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Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm
(Lux Inframundis Productions)

Fate. There it is for all of us. Whether it is something pre destined for, or something that we are in full control of it, it is unclear... unknown. But it reaches all of us in due time. And might have been our destiny carved in stone, in fire... or by the thunder. Few are the ones that rebel against fate. Few are the ones that have a mission on sight and no matter neither what obstacles they have to pass nor the price they may pay, enter this realm of rebelling against fate. Enter the deathcult... enter the abyss... face THE CHASM (what kind of stuff have you been smoking lately, Julian? ;-) - Frank). This last piece of total Metal of Death as they proudly state, sees the band being left alone again, after Wicked World, the Earache imprint that released "The Spell Of Retribution" retired form the market and in a rather unwise decision Earache left this band to float free... something not new to the band, and of course something that was in no way going to stop them... as a matter of fact, I tend to think every time the band passes through these stages that might discourage even those or iron will, they simply became stronger. Their style of Metal is unadultered and remains loyal to what they have been playing since their "From The Lost Years..." For if you were never wise enough to check this band before and need a description of their sound, this Mexican born band, now based in Chicago, melts together in their style the metallic touch of what early SLAYER did, what DISSECTION created and tinged with epic-era BATHORY touches to have a sound of their own. This description is just a vague comparison of the sound of the band, as they are known to be riff masters with more than a nod that evokes progressive music, but all rooted in the deepest and darkest realms of Death Metal. Melody is no stranger to THE CHASM, yet it is managed in such a sorrowful way, that it oozes through their creations as the primordial life force. Also, it cannot be denied the fact that through all these years maintaining the main core of the band, the individuals have reached a far superior degree of performance in their instruments. The production is just perfect for what this style requires, with powerful guitars and a great rhythmic section sound. Vocally I find subtle changes in here. Daniel's vocals sound here lower than the more screamy works of the past. I also tend to find a bit less vocals in this new opus, with more emphasis in the very strong rhythm section as showcased in 'Callous Spectre/Vehement Opposition'. The tempo of the band is usually towards the faster spectrum of sounds, but the band is not stranger to play in a crushing mid-tempo which in this album happens more than in their other recordings. There are few bands that you can actually tell that a song belongs to them. Well, this is the case of THE CHASM as they have managed to create a very personal sound and a particular style or arranging and composing. Making reverence to their name, more than once while listening to this album one can feel the void... like falling... being trapped into this vortex of dark pure energy. Once again, the song titles as the album name, will give you an idea of what the lyrics deal with, in a mystic tale of bravery and battles... the artwork itself continues the tradition of images that have been used by the band, while completing the idea of the album title. More than a few touches of vicious old Black Metal influences shine through songs like 'Structure Of The Séance' while maintaining a definitive Death Metal overall aura with the galloping riffs and dark melodies. Also, noticeable in this new songs are the very powerful bass work, which encompasses the guitars rather than just following them most of the time. Every time you listen to this album, new things can be heard and it totally grabs you for an aural experience that only a band with such a strong career can offer. The final song 'The Mission/Arrival To Hopeless Shores (Calling The Paranormal Abysm)' is a really asphyxiating and possesses an unmistakable depressive aura to it, yet again created in such a way, that it ends sounding like a funeral march. Not copying yourself while not betraying your style is something few bands are capable of. THE CHASM is one of the few ones able to do so. And also one of the very few bands that you can buy blind without doubting it will no disappoint.,,

Julián Núńez

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