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Procreation Of The Inner Temple
(Lux Inframundis Productions)

The re-release of THE CHASM's obscure debut album should not go unnoticed by fans of the band’s later material who have not yet had the opportunity to experience the band in its earliest incarnation. Founded in Mexico City by ex-members of the legendary Mexican Death Metal band CENOTAPH, THE CHASM is led by guitarist / vocalist Daniel Corchado and anchored by drummer Antonio Leon. These warriors are the remaining original members who have carried the torch since the group’s founding in 1992. But back in 1994, when this recording was produced, the band was a five piece. If you are familiar with THE CHASM's later records, you may be surprised to hear what kind of inspirations existed before the excellent melodic Death Thrash that they have focused on perfecting throughout their mature period. “Procreation Of The Inner Temple” is, as odd as it may seem to say, a very fitting title, considering the strange outpourings of prog Death that you will find here. It is the sound of the mind’s inner workings, as musicians interact in time and create a living testament to the power of their vision. The very first song opens with a bluesy pentatonic lead over a feel riff that conjures a great vista of rock. This is a clear statement of origins and intent. From there, harmonized guitar lines populate nearly every second of sound on this record. To give you an idea of the overall effect, look to the harmonized guitar lines of early AT THE GATES during their most experimental moments. However, THE CHASM were intent to take things much further into realms of mystery, and can truly only be described as a creature all their own. It’s really incredible to hear how some of these characteristic elements persist even to this day in their sound, a testament to a singular vision. At times, jarring sound battles erupt between the bass, drums, and guitars, creating a clashing feel that is a unique but vestigial feature, being absent from the much more straight ahead Metal songcraft of later albums. For Death Metal, this record is outstanding in its dynamics, with occasional instrumental interludes and spikes of intensity. The tempos are wide-ranging but never plodding, while the pacing varies from one vignette to another. Layered textures abound as curious features in the sonic landscape. The performances are very detailed. Each player carves out his own space in the mix and shows not only competency and inventiveness, but the desire to be as bold and challenging as they can. THE CHASM is a bastion (fortress?) of Metal, always demonstrating ingenuity, craft, creativity, and class. As it was in the beginning, is now, and shall forever be, THE CHASM reigns in the Infra-World! This re-release includes a new 2011 recording of the album track 'A Dream Of An Astral Spectrum' in addition to four bonus tracks from the “Awaiting The Day Of Liberation” demo of 1993. Visit or

Lem Lycurgus

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