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All Roads Lead To Death
(Xtreem Music)

Third album by this Spanish band and it is nice to hear they have been developing their sound more and more every time. Already have their previous CD around, and while I do not recall it as being memorable, they do have some catchy riffs here and there. This new album continues that same tradition, with a more personal style. And yes, their style of Death / Black Metal is still intact. In this case, done with finesse few bands of the style can do. And with a lot, and I mean a lot of heaviness. Some people have compared them to a depressive version of OPETH and also referring them to early KATATONIA whit some DISSECTION touches. And while these comparisons can be certain to some point, the fact is that DANTALION has a way of composing that is with a "haunted" atmosphere I have not felt before (maybe Germany's KATHAARIA comes close to that certain "ghostly" aura). Also, the production for this kind of release is very good, with the involvement of Dan Swanö, thus giving a really crunchy edge to the guitars. Now, I have also heard the term "Suicidal Metal" referred to DANTALION. Well, it might be that there is also a certain tone in there which can be compared to those "Black Suicidal Metal" bands, but it is just a mere reference, as the style portrayed in here includes many breaks, many acoustic interludes, and many agonizing screams which sometimes can be related to bands like the last SHINING album. But that's about it. Beside that DANTANLION is also a band that tends to play in a variety of speeds, and which sound equally good doing fast songs (which is also mainly the preferred way of this band to start songs, fast!) but also really heavy while keeping a mid-tempo scheme. Quite enjoyable, with some good guitar work, still I think that the band has some few areas that could be improved, like the vocals that at times maintain a very similar tone, and some of the fast rhythms are very similar between songs. Still, this is a well-crafted Black Metal album with some depressive edge, some complex compositions and tyrant moments that possesses the souls.,

Julián "Phantom" Núńez

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