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Stab Wounds
(Black Attakk)

The German Black Metal bands' third strike is, although it marks the break with the underground charm that the debut "Tales From Eternal Dusk" and its follow-up "Profane Genocidal Creations" had, a monumental piece of melancholic yet aggressive Black Metal somewhere between old KATATONIA (of whom they've covered a track for the digipak version of this album - Frank) and DISSECTION showing a high level of professionalism, musical skill and variable songwriting. Also in terms of production DARK FORTRESS are finally playing in the premier league after disappointing totally on "Profane Genocidal Creations" which despite being recorded at Grieghallen had a rather miserable sound with way too loud keys. The latter have been used more sparse on "Stab Wounds" and nicely melt into the crisp and clear sound creating a bombastic feel the "big bands" of Black Metal (e.g. DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE...) could not do better. Fortunately DARK FORTRESS avoid getting too pompous and surprise with authentic hatefulness, a good load of fantastic riffs, powerful drumming and impressive vocals succeeding in delivering aggressive moods as well as more melancholic moments. Personally I still like the debut a little better for its unique sound and the aforementioned "underground charm", but this will not keep me from utterly recommending this excellent piece of suicidal Black Metal art, that'll definitely find the appreciation it deserves and catapults DARK FORTRESS on a new level musically and maybe even results in international success. Whoever saw the band live should know that they have the charisma and energetic performance to reach that goal...

Stefan Franke

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