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Out Of The Past
(Century Media Records)

In 1991 DARK MILLENNIUM released their first demo “The Apocryphal Wisdom“. By that time I faced western civilization in a Mickey Mouse shirt. Impressed by Lex Luger, Turtles and Gypsy Kings. A still terrified victim of the iron curtain. Too young and too scared to face Death Metal. 1992 they released “Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be“. And I am still, carefully, getting in touch with freedom and its more popular representatives. A few more years and musical misconceptions later I can say, gladly good music can be a timeless thing like the cavernous minds of monday strollers. And thanks to Century Media there is a chance to get those two demos in a package called “Out Of The Past”. So even DARK MILLENNIUM was way to early for me back then, they are fortunately timeless enough to appreciate their brutal and aggressive aura nowadays too. Anyway I am not the guy who idealizes the past in oder to show how awesome my profound musical comprehension is, and coincidently also prove my fear of maybe not being part of something important. I love a lot about what the current Death Metal has to offer. And still can be very happy about surprises from the past. DARK MILLENNIUM's two demos appear of course as old school as they are. But with all the little outbreaks like harmonic guitar solos, organ playing, flanged voices, change of beats and rhythms they establish something very dynamic and diversified. For that time it seems special to me. They provide more then just simple D-beat thunder but mercifully it also doesn't turn into fifteen string bass solos prog crap. The concept is often the same, but never boring, nice journey from tight old school Death Metal to slower Doom parts in the middle and an ascending end. Or the other way around. But as I said it's never getting dull or anything like that, because of the wide spectrum of conceptions. Also very important for the feeling that record exhales is the tremendous work of Patrick W. Engel who remastered the two demos at his Temple of Disharmony. Made the whole thing as timeless as I said before. Seriously an amazing work of an amazing musician. Check this record. It's bloody well Death Metal entertainment. More info at:,


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