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Dark Regions
(Soulseller Records)

"Maggots on innards are crawling, through my fingers I hold, perversion and mental disorder, in my game you're taking your role" - reading this and listening to these lines I had spontaneously 'But Life Goes On...' from ENTOMBED in mind ("A rotten stench surrounds another ended life, maggots infesting the rotten flesh, is that the way you want to die?"), don't ask me why as the music itself is everything else than Swedish Death Metal ENTOMBED used to play so many years already ago. Nevertheless it's Death Metal here again (what else, haha), great Death Metal to be a little bit euphoric. A little bit euphoric is way to less as "Dark Regions" couldn't be a better beginning for DARKCREED in the world of CD-releases. "Dark Regions" has everything a Death Metal fan is craving for except blastbeats. Well... It's Death Metal here, typical Death Metal, mostly midpaced, call it groovy, I simply call it great Death Metal with a certain headbang-factor. Once pushing the play-button you will listen to the awesome opener 'Sinner Mind' and start to shake your body immediately - I promise! From time to time you recognize that a song is something special which you will listen to over and over again through the years and 'Sinner Mind' is exactly one of these tunes. Everything fits together, the riffs, the drumming, the atmosphere and the great vocal lines. 'Hell To Be Reborn' is a cool follower with its slow start and its mighty riff starting at 01:30 to fasten the song a little bit. It's hard to pick out more songs as all of them are fantastic so let's just add the closing 'Deathless Ones' which is a killer as great as the opener. Especially the first and the last song are worth to buy this helluva great MCD. To talk the truth I don't really know what makes DARKCREED that great, after all it's Death Metal, midpaced, you might find many bands which share the same style so it are probably the great songs on this MCD. Great songs which established bands would kill for! Perhaps it's also the very good and clear sound, the well structured riffs and the tight drumming full of small details, and above all you have the deep and brutal, yet clear and understandable vocals of Andres which makes "Dark Regions" to what it is: a killer Death Metal record. Next to a cool layout you will enjoy 25 minutes of Death Metal - trust me! Go to or for ordering details.

Thomas Ehrmann

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