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Prayers In Doomsday

Brazilian Thrashers DARKSIDE have a long history as a band: the band has existed since 1991 (in between 1998 - 2000 as HERITAGE), released like 5 demos during their existence - and now this, the band's 8-track full-length studio album, titled "Prayers In Doomsday", which they got out just last in 2012 (about time might someone add). Old school and Bay Area are the names of DARKSIDE's Thrash Metal, which both is somewhat solid sounding but also has a very good production in it, too. So in the other words, this Brazilian Thrash bunch ain't here among us to invent the wheel again but then again, there's no reason to fix a smoothly rollin' wheel either, or is there? The solos, the riffs, the way how every instrument has got enough space to breathe within the music, etc., everything seems to be in balance in DARKSIDE's songs, lacking perhaps a bit 'come-and-surprise-me' factor here and there though. But otherwise, DARKSIDE have chosen their school - and they should stick to it, without giving much of thought whether they may lack this or that. A song like 'Born Of War' with Alex Eyras' nicely fitting melodic vocals (they changed vocalist in 2013, new vocalist being a guy named Marcelo Falcão), strengthened by sort of mandatory backing shouts of the other gang, works best for me out of all songs on the record. In a song titled 'Crossfire' Alex definitely goes a bit over-the-top with his vocal skills, trying to reach a higher vocal register but unfortunately failing at that pretty badly, I am afraid. For old school Thrash Metal maniacs, many of you will undoubtedly find some guilty pleasure in "Prayers In Doomsday", so consider giving a fair try for this anyway, as it may well be worth your time. More about these Brazilian Thrashers DARKSIDE can be found at

Luxi Lahtinen

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