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Piss, Blood, Destruction / Ritual Desecration 2010
(Blazing Obscurity Records)

Belgium's Black Thrashers DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION has released a live / demo via Blazing Obscurity Records. This short lived band released one demo, one split album, and today's music for review. The first 8 tracks comprise of the "Piss, Blood, Destruction" live album. Production wise this is rough. The vocals are drowned out / muffled (in fact they are only comprehensive when naming the songs), the bass is practically nonexistent, leaving the drums and guitars to carry the music. Musically these guys sounded half way decent and were able to keep me interested. The Thrash factor is there and I am sure that if the production would have been better, the songs would have been 10x better. I don't know if this was a bootleg that later was decided to become an official release or if the recording equipment used was just that bad. Conversations are picked up off and on from the audience and lets face it, when the crowd conversations sound better than the band's vocals then its a bad sign. The two cover tracks from GG ALLIN and ACID were decent and had a good sound to them. Moving along we reach the "Ritual Desecration" demo which starts out with a great sound, a complete 180 from the "live" music of side A. Some of the songs on this demo are also a part of the side A, but with the better production I can get a better representation of the music. The first track 'Dawn Of Crucifixion' is a Speed / Thrash Metal catchy jam that has an "Altars Of Madness" type sound. Intense, fast drums, shredding guitars, and guttural vocals make this demo a rad piece of work. 'Beer And Cunt For Jesus' has a good guitar solo and the jam is made for some cold beer drinking, especially since the track is mid paced and not hyper blast. The chugging guitar sensation that is 'March To Annihilation' has all the elements of a killer track. The drummer does a good amount of fills on this song and towards the end the band slows down the tempo to give one a chance to catch a breathe. The short of this review can be said to check out side B first. Old school blackened Thrash Metal as how it was made back in the day. It's too bad these guys broke up when their singer left in April 2012 as I think they had some potential. Who knows maybe these guys end up having a reunion album or they get back together with a new singer. For more info:,

Jaime Perez

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