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In The Bondage Of Vice
(War Anthem Records)

I took this review as a challenge. Let me explain. I am totally out of knowledge about Grind Metal, and having heard about this band from serious grindists I decided to give it a go. I remembered that Grind is all about fun so I wanted to see if I could squeeze some essence from a record like this. I must say I am pretty much impressed. DEAD are a German Death / Grind band with lots of hard practice chiseled in their long career, although this work stands closer to the Death camp. What impressed me the most about "In The Bondage Of Vice" is the level of honesty. This record is honest fun (but there is seriousness in it also), exploring all kinds of vice - sexual perversions, alcohol in all its glory, farting, puking - you know, all the stuff that makes world a nicer place. The world of DEAD has one more component that is welcome to the ears and eyes of this reviewer - style. I would say that this record is stylish in a sense of capturing thruth and beauty of whorehouses, lifting the vice to a higher level. In a sense, I have a very real feeling about the history line of whoring after listening to this. The music is loud, crunchy, with great riffs all over. It is meaty and sweet and captures the hardness but also a sweetness of depravity. Vocally, we are attacked with one, two, who knows how many grunting animals. And they are good. Being essentially a Death Metal record, it is nevertheless helped with the hand of Grind, sawing its signature throughout the whole thing, mostly in the aesthetics department. With lots of slower parts (which I adore) perfect harmony is acheived. The record is well balanced and would suite nicely as party music as well as an introvert's vehicle for exploring the world of sin. The cover art sould be also mentioned since it, with its combination of a wild and rotten logo and photo of a dreamy whore, puts the listener in a mood immediately. Once again, I am impressed and inspired to search for more records like this. As my gradpa would say: "No sin, no man." For more info:

Branko Matija¨evic

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