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It's pretty much common in artistic fantasy lands, to circle sanctuaries counterclockwise. The pope and his entire gang does it and millions of Mohammed's fellows, at the Kaaba do so. It seems to be one kind of an extraordinary auspicious holy law. For at least a few billion people. Though I am not that much into ridiculous regularities, and less then ever in holy laws, listening to "Anticlockwise" the last days made me feel like joining the mumbling horde. At home, alone with my headphones, but with dignity. What DEADLYSINS erected here, I wouldn't necessarily entitle a sanctuary. But let's call it a counterclockwise enjoyable piece of Metal. Founded in 2000, due to line-up changes and musical progress, the French Thrash Metallers DEADLYSINS released their second LP, "Anticlockwise", just last year. Even though it's been nearly exclusively recorded at their homes and just mixed in a studio, the sound is an all round success. Powerful, straight, no questions asked no advices giving. The second song 'Thrashing Metal Anticlockwise' instantly illuminates the whole situation. By presenting a gift basket full of fists and fuck offs. And gladly, they won't slow down. You shouldn't expect anything else then the functional meaning of this genre. Nevertheless here they managed a quite catchy and varied job. Which to me, makes the LP a great entertainment. Though I am not much educated in Thrash, this would be something I call “Wagenplatzmetal“. Because the whole record exhales a good amount of D.I.Y dirt. Meaning a spirit you find on self build stages captured by bands, wearing the same dress as they life in. Besides the flavour it's the vocals which specially appeal to me. Because of their raw and pissed attitude, flanked by Punkrock styled chorus parts. Forward pushing, aggressive and tight guitars,a drummer who knows exactly what to do and when and a bass who is tying yet another ribbon around it. All this turns the amusement even more into a dust and beer soaked leather jacket meeting, worth to invite to your next house fest. Asked for their influences, they name bands like TESTAMENT or SODOM. Asking me who doesn't know anything about their lifes and influences I'd say if you are into SKELETONWITCH, WITCHAVEN, MUNICIPAL WASTE and stuff like this it won't be a failure to get this LP.


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