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Courage To Expose All
(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

The history of these Nippon Thrashers goes already back till the new millennium set in. They got their bastard breed of relentless old school Thrash started in the city of Nagoya but the squad had to wait about eight years until their debut album finally saw its light of day. Originally released on a small label called KJMS Records, the wild trio impressed the listeners with their sheer heavy thrashing brutality. Probably the people of Arctic Music group were the same opinion and offered them a deal for a 2010 re-release of the album in the US which meant a big step forward for the band. Now again three years later the long awaited follow up album "Courage To Expose All" is finally available in the stores. With a new label in the back (but still provided with an international deal) DEAFLOCK starts where they stopped on their debut. Still warriors of the true doctrine of Metal the commando pukes out nine chunks (plus Intro) with their own interpretation what true Thrash is all about. This means basically heavy and shredding axes without mercy, dynamic 'n powerful drum work and aggressive, raspy vocals full of hatred. But the three piece managed to give the album its own itendity as DEAFLOCK surprises the listener with unexpected elements giving the tracks their own vibe and variety. For example just have a listen to the killer melodic leads in 'Rule Over Yourself' or 'Nothing In My Eyes'. Emotional but powerful and in some way refreshing. You can hear some twisted, modern riffing on the album as well. But fans of the first long player don't need to worry as there's enough straight foward material in the band's typical style having the right balance between midpaced and uptempo parts. I personally like the way how the album was produced. The sound has a kind of raw / dirty edge without being under produced and compliments each tune very well. Furthermore this style of production gives the entire album a total 80s feel. If you are not focused on bands from the US or Scandinavia then you should give them try. I guess it could pay off for you as "Courage To Expose All" is a quite solid effort and a cool Thrash Metal album to headbang to. For more info visit or the label's site at

Michael Oelschlegel

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