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Noite Negra
(AreaDeath Productions)

For a couple of people, if a band was created back in the 80s or 90s and have some obscure hard to find recording, demo or album, it instantly qualifies that as cult. I can testify that back in those days, things were harder than today, being it communication of any form, and the means for recording a decent way. Rehearsals were usually done by bands to expose their sound. And usually those rehearsals, being the very first recordings of a band, tend to be raw, bad sounding and with an amateurish performance that draws a thin line between doing music and doing comedy. This Brazilian band, formed back in 1983, released one sole demo / rehearsal that is being exhumed nowadays. I might want to ask why to do so, as this was bad in 1983 and 30 years later it still remains bad. It is a weird bad played Thrash Metal with extremely laughable vocals (probably more to the way they were recorded rather than being it the way they wanted) with Hardcore sounding riffs, and once in a while some signs of trying to do something interesting. Some might argue that because the time it was recorded and the primitive way the band sounds this is as cult as early SARCOFAGO or SEPULTURA... Or I can see Nuclear War Metal mongers finding their new heroes, worshipping the evil necro-raw sounding atmosphere and the evil whispering-like vocals. Yeah right, this is a demo that obviously shows a band with some potential, but that at the time it just fails miserably... and which is not exactly a bad thing. Many of the bands I like nowadays suffered from poor and pathetic beginning stages, but were needed to reach the band they later evolved into. For completists of anything old school only. Strange thing is that I can also feel that if the band went on ahead it could be a killer band later. But we will never know.

Julian “Vingança” Nunez

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