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Fragments Of Perdition
(Golden Lake Productions)

That this is Death Metal can't be questioned. But Death Metal is more than just that, since there are chaotic Death Metal, brutal Death Metal, groovy Death Metal, melodic Death Metal, old school Death Metal. In the end it's all just Death Metal if you get the deadly feeling from the music, a deadly and gory feeling of sheer brutality. Death Du Jour is a band that is seemingly chaotic the first couple of spins. And it's still chaotic after 10 spins. Normally I wouldn't spend as much time for an album if it didn't have something extra. "Fragments Of Perdition" is an album I really didn't get into, but still I felt there was something behind the wall of chaotic brutality. I still feel there's something behind this wall, but I can't seem to figure it. The music is overall fast as a shark, despite the changes in the songs. If you go deeper into a track like 'Weakmeat Vortex', it is basically fast. But, after some three minutes there are some cool seconds that is different. The song almost stops, then a few seconds of groove, and this is repeated a couple of times. Cool, but far from enough to maintain the listener's interest I'm afraid. The following 'Satire Of Caustic Lunacy' is another fast track that has a bit of difference. The leadguitar is wicked throughout this song, with its small strange small things. Add to this a cool bass-line after two minutes. Concerning the guitars my mind went back to the early days of Nocturnus. Again, this is not enough to maintain my interest. As it is now, I have given up on this album. It is, as said, chaotic and seemingly interesting, but I don't get it. Then again, I would buy this any day compared to the grooviness or fastness of bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Krisiun, Hate Eternal, recent Entombed and such. When it comes directly to "Fragments Of Perdition" there is a change after the first five tracks, because the songs get somewhat more wicked during the last three songs. The chaotic brutality is still intact, but there is something Death Du Jour does with the guitars that sounds wicked. If Death Du Jour writes more focused tracks next time, still including some wickedness, I am sure they will get major attention. They do have the capacity, for the production and playing abilities sound just fine. (

Roy Kristensen

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