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Opus De Tyranis
(Non Serviam Records)

DEATH TYRANT, a quite new band on the Swedish scene, an offspring of LORD BELIAL, as this is where two of the Backelin brothers continued their mayhem after said band was put on hold. Thomas is the main creator and later on he pulled Anders into the band of brothers, as the drummer and other guitarist are brothers as well. How do a new band, made by two hardened veterans, a semi-veteran and two newcomers then sound? Brutal, melodic and atmospheric. To be cruel, you could say a more Death Metal oriented version of LORD BELIAL, as DEATH TYRANT is running along the same paths of melodic and atmospheric Metal, as the band and Swedish scene is so well known for. The melodies from the guitars on this album are very catchy and listenable, and lay the ground for a captivating and cold atmosphere, together with the dark and heavy main riffs and the frantic and well-balanced drumming. The vocalist in the band, is the, for me, never heard of before Daniel Bornstrand, and he is doing a damned good job. He is not leaving much behind to be wished for, a powerful screamed rasp from beyond, pure evil and coldness, as required for a vocal for such music as this. Being played this record, and forced to guess when it was made, would make me guess mid- to late nineties, as DEATH TYRANT captures the sound and feeling of that period perfectly with their blackened Death Metal. Just take a track like 'Impending Day Of Wrath', the overall atmosphere and feel that track leaves, puts me right back in time. "Opus De Tyranis" offers some really good and balanced songwriting, catchy, progressing, brutal yet melodic and very atmospheric. A nice album that have been heard before, but still quality from the beginning to the end, a great representative for said style, and on top of that, good and well delivered music. More info at:,,

Anders Peter Jřrgensen

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