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Morbid Rites
(NWN! Productions)

For those who don't know, DEATH YELL (from Santiago, Chile) formed in 1984 and have managed to release one (and only) demo tape that is still considered - for many - as a "cult" release. If you ask me, the highlight of their career is the split EP with none other than Finnish Black Metal masters BEHERIT, a release that made DEATH YELL's name even more notorious in the underground back them. I remember I had their original demo in my possession for some years but never really liked it so I had to let it go. So you might wonder why I asked Frank to do this review then? Well I was curious to give it one last try after all. I always despised critics that used to be extremely harsh on underground bands judging them without taking into consideration certain parameters directly linked the origin of the band, the financial condition of either the band or label or - in case of old albums / recordings - the date of release. But sadly, although I don't want look like one of those stupid, careless critics, I still have to be honest and speak my mind. It is clearer today - than ever - that DEATH YELL were nothing more from a passionate, dedicated, yet mediocre band. Unfortunately their cult status was forged to a great extend due to the fact that they did their demo tape at a time were the second wave of Black / Death Metal scene started to take shape. I know that people into the so-called bestial Black / Death still worship DEATH YELL to death along with ARCHGOAT, BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY etc... but - honestly speaking - I believe that there have been loads of bands back then that played far better than DEATH YELL did. Anyways, back to the review now: "Morbid Rites" is nothing but a collection of their one and only "Vengeance From Darkness" tape plus a live recording of unknown - to me - origin (I suspect that this was recorded around the demo days). Although the sound of the demo is more or less acceptable, the quality of the live recording is really poor and to be more precise it sounds exactly (quality-wise) like the tons of similar live tapes that were available in the underground back then. These recordings (both the live ones and the demo tape) are - of course - ancient and NWN did the best possible effort to revitalize them (they even recruited Chris Moyen to do the cover artwork, plus it has been released in great-looking vinyl with huge poster) but I guess, at the end of the day, music itself is all that matters and in the case of DEATH YELL... well, I guess you got my point. This release is intended to those interested in having in their possession everything related the rather obscure early - South American scene or are fed up by - similar sounding - contemporary copycats. By all means, the great packaging and artwork give an extra motivation to all those willing to invest.,

Manolis A.

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