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Homo Divisus
(MSR Productions)

Originally having been released by Russian label Sound Age Productions in 2007, one other Russian label called MSR Productions decided to re-issue this Belarus-based progressive and technical Death Metal act DEATHBRINGER's debut album, titled "Homo Divisus", and put it out 3 years later in 2010. This very album in question is also dedicated to Chuck Schuldiner (among others) that basically alone, gives a fair hint of what to expect from DEATHBRINGER on "Homo Divisus". Yes, it's later era DEATH - plus bands like CYNIC and ATHEIST quite a bit as well, that pop out from somewhere every time when giving a spin to this record. Especially the presence of later era DEATH in DEATHBRINGER's sound, seems to be even purpose-orientated; some parts seem shamelessly to be ripped off either from DEATH's "Symbolic" or "The Sound Of Perseverance" albums. The guitar techniques and bass parts being used on "Homo Divisus", also do more than just hint at the musical direction of those two last DEATH records, so if you just ever happened to love that era of DEATH, then I gotta believe you might also give some credit for DEATHBRINGER's achievements on their debut album. Mitry's vocals - at least partly, try to imitate Chuck's dry and snarly vocal performance on the "The Sound Of Perseverance" album but sort of fails to reach that crucial point to sound convincing enough. Mitry would have needed more power behind his vocal performance on this record because all the very skillful instrumentation that is present on this very lengthy opus (hell, the album lasts nearly 77 frigging minutes), truly outshines Mitry's vocal delivery on the record. Then, there's a slight problem with this record as well. I mean, as kick-ass and tight as the album itself proves to be in the end, "Homo Divisus" would have worked a whole lot better if they had cut down the album's length down to around 40-45 minutes only. It even would have been a wise move to leave completely the cover songs of NAZARETH ('No Mean City') and DEATH ('Flesh And The Power It Holds') out of the record, just to make the album tighter by its content, and also making it a bit easier for the listeners to digest, I think. Despite a few not-so-positive comments here, I still recommend you to check this album out. More about DEATHBRINGER at:, label:

Luxi Lahtinen

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