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The Chalice Of Ages
(Xtreem Music)

I admit that I discovered DEATHEVOKATION by sheer chance when browsing to a mailorder catalog and falling upon a description comparing the band's sound to some of my old favorites like old-ASPHYX, GRAVE and BOLT THROWER. Although the description was not 100% accurate (I don't recognize the ASPHYX influence to a great extend, despite the doomy atmosphere), it was a great proposal since "The Chalice Of Ages" is by all means one hell of a gem that will make old school Death Metal fans cry out of joy. After the first couple of tunes, one can easily identify the mid-tempo BOLT THROWER influence on the band's sound. I can even swear that if it wasn't for the vocalist I might have thought that some of the tunes come from an unreleased BOLT THROWER session or something. Still this comparison is not - by all means - just since DEATHEVOKATION is a crushing newcomer that although totally dedicated to the early 90s spirit, they are also a band with attitude, identity and purpose. DEATHEVOKATION play mostly mid-tempo, groovy Death Metal (with some fast breaks here and there) but what seems to differentiate them is that they have loads of melodic (not wimpy-sounding though) guitars giving DEATHEVOKATION a distinct edge over those bands that focus solely on aggression forgetting to add a couple of "meaningful" solos. Especially the guitars are worth 90% of the album, I really love them. At some points they simply evolve in such a way, that they don't even sound Death Metal anymore, transforming into a soaring wall of sound. Some acoustic guitars even appear giving diversity to the band's sound and enhancing the overall atmosphere. The production is more than appropriate (very clear and solid) thus making the listen even more enjoyable. Last but not least, the cover art is blessed / cursed by the morbid hand of Axel Hermann. To sum up, DEATHEVOKATION's debut is for me at least, an essential buy for all those into old Death Metal in the vein of mid-tempo BOLT THROWER and not only...

Manolis A.

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