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Satan's Gift
(Displeased Records)

DEATHROW are, thankfully, one of the many long forgotten Thrash bands of Germany's exquisitely bestial scene, that are finally returning to the limelight. Their first album, "Satan's Gift", otherwise known as "Riders Of Doom", showcases not only DEATHROW's promising talent, but the health and intensity of the international Thrash scene, particularly Canada and the band's home country, Germany. A piece of virtually every great Thrash band can be heard on "Satan's Gift". Everything. There's DESTRUCTION, SLAYER, KREATOR, SODOM, SACRIFICE, BLOOD FEAST, even AGGRESSION appear in the vocals. Clearly DEATHROW were well versed in Thrash to have such diverse influences present on their debut. In fact, it could be argued that DEATHROW paralleled KREATOR, for "Satan's Gift" was released the same year as "Pleasure To Kill" and contains a great many similarities to it. Of all the bands DEATHROW resembled in some way, they had more in common with KREATOR than anyone else, at least on "Satan's Gift". Anything that sounds, truly sounds, like "Pleasure To Kill" ought to be afforded some attention for it apparently isn't easy to write good Thrash. A fact every blowout band of the 80s and every new wave band may attest to. Even if DEATHROW weren't ground breaking, they were cutting edge at the very least, and they deserve to be remembered for it. This re-release (which, by the way, is officially available on CD for the very first time) got remastered and also has the 3 tracks off SAMHAIN's (pre-DEATHROW) 1985 debut demo "The Lord Of The Dead" as a bonus. The booklet features both album covers ("Satan's Gift" and "Riders Of Doom" on the front and backside respectively, the original thanks list, lyrics and vinyl innersleeve photo collage as well as an in-depth interview (courtesy of our own website).,

Nathan Shapiro

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