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The Bone Collection
(Remission Records)

One of Thuringia's most brutal five piece strikes back with their second full length. 10 tracks pulverizing the bone collection in a merciless US styled Death Metal way. Fortunately DEFLORATION didn't adopt the latest frognoise, modern styled US Death/Grind school, but instead of that I feel reminded on some good brutal 90s US stuff. Of course this band doesn't reinvent the genre, but they have a nice balance between brutal CANNIBAL CORPSE (both new and old era), some hidden Thrash parts, interesting breaks and rhythm work, that isn't totally standard Death Metal at all. Over all there are some killer grooves like in 'Burn This World' - a real banger reminding me partwise on DEICIDE on "Once Upon The Cross". DEFLORATION became a bit catchier in their songwriting without loosing the eye on technical aspects as well. Genereally said the band has grown in the right direction since their 2005 album "Dripping With Blood". I would say that they succeeded in capturing the intensity of their liveshows in a better way in the studio as well now. The vocals are fucking brutal and up fronted in the production. Vocalist Uwe sounds pretty natural in the growl style, I would even say that he focused more on a total growl style then on the first album. It works good, personally I think a little bit variation of the extremes could help. But what the fuck!?! This is extreme US Death Metal not a teddy bear show. DEFLORATION are NOT original, but they have a honest and dedicated fan-like way in what they do and in some way they sound and perform more solid then some in the underground hyped US Death/Grind acts that sound like a barking dog or my grandma's vaccum cleaner. "The Bone Collection" is a quality album and a good step for the band, even the coverartwork from Svencho from ABORTED is better than the previous one, although I am personally not that much into his style. Check some cannibalistic, grooving and suffocating the dying fetus samples on and make sure to check this band live on stage and enjoy the entertaining sense of humor of the vocalist.

Ralf Hauber

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