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Thrashing Warthogs
(Merciless Records)

Holy shit! Did someone really say that good ol' Thrash Metal was dead? Listening to DELIRIUM TREMENS' newest offering I can only say that whoever spreads those type of comments is nothing but a stupid ignorant idiot! Even though this German five piece does not come across too serious in terms of their pictures, stage names (Rowdy Mütze Piper, Rowdy Rocket, Rowdy Bad Bone, Rowdy Roll and Rowdy Chambers), lyrics ("Worship Satan, Rock'n'Roll - Kill the humans, And fuck them all...") or slogans ("Other bands drink a beer between rehearsing their songs, we rehearse a song between drinking!"), they are musically first class without a doubt! I actually haven't heard such a raging Thrash Metal record in quite some time. The energy level of the whole disc is simply incredible and despite its true-to-the-bone Thrash sound, by no means to be labeled "retro"! Forget all the lame crap that got released in this genre lately, listen to this very hungry (thirsty?) bunch instead and you'll easily agree with me that this is purest T.H.R.A.S.H. at its best!! Imagine a totally pissed off Schmier on vocals, the intensity of a SLAYER live show and the aggression of KREATOR's "Pleasure To Kill" and you'll get an idea of what to expect here. "Thrashing Warthogs" is a furiously performed and very well written / arranged record that is furthermore blessed with a perfect, powerful production. Only the rather superfluous (yet entertaining) GUNS'N'ROSES cover of 'Paradise City' calms down my enthusiasm and adrenaline level quite a bit. So, all hail to Volker at Merciless Records who had the guts to release this. I hope it will finally fill the gap that DESASTER certainly left on his label. For more info, check out the band's website and Label contact:

Frank Stöver

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