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I just almost recently read some reviews for "Cyberhuman" in advance just to see what to expect from DELIRIUM X TREMENS musically when I agreed with them to review the band's mini-CD from the last year for VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE webmagazine. I even got pretty excited when reading about the packaging for the disc; in fact, here's a straight quote from one review that said: "Also the whole package is excellent, it is professionally done. Even if it is a self financed release, we have a CD from a factory and professional booklet with eight pages." Well, a copy which I received from DELIRIUM X TREMENS, was unfortunately a cheap-looking CD-R with a xerox-copy, black & white - cover, so in that sense I was mildly disappointed for not receiving the same copy like so many other reviewers did. Oh well, since the music is that thing we should all care for more than any 'decoration' that may (or may not) come along with the CD as sort of a 'bonus', I stop this childish whining right here. I mean, here... right HERE! As for these Italian Deathsters' style on this mini-CD is concerned, they pretty much remind me of sort of a combination of both the Swedish - and American Death Metal bands even if I can hardly pinpoint any names in comparisons to them. Musically DELIRIUM X TREMENS ranges from some slower tempos to a mid-tempo Death Metal which is darn heavy, brutal enough spiced many melodic elements, and what's most important in my opinion, even amazingly catchy all the way through. The band's growler Alberto is also capable of using his very deep death grunts kind of in an effective and convincing way, supporting the music on this 5-song release pretty damn nicely indeed. However, it's also gotta be said that DELIRIUM X TREMENS haven't invented anything that 'new' or 'groundbreaking' as far as Death Metal as its own specific genre is concerned, but has someone asked from them to set the Thames on fire in the first place? I suppose no one has, and at least I can honestly say to be satisfied enough, having my inverted dick being placed between the Bible pages, with their very solid package of a mid-paced Death Metal that they are able to offer on "Cyberhuman", and I bet there's a bunch of other Death Metal maniacs out there (besides me) who appreciate and dig the band's present style. I surely did and there's a relatively good chance that even you may, too. Now, having said that, I'm already looking to hear a full-length album from them with a pair of curious ears as a matter of speaking... so please don't forget me guys, do you? ;) Website:

Luxi Lahtinen

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