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(Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions)

The French label Les Acteurs De L'Ombre seems to have a sure feeling for Black Metal bands that diverge from the norm. Their French country mates DELUGE are one of them. Filing themselves under “Untrve French Black Metal” on their Facebook site, it's up to DELUGE to supply the evidence. “Æther” is the first full length of this five piece after the demo “Mélas | Khōlé”, all three songs of which are featured on this album. And the music featured here serves the aforementioned description pretty well. A Black Metal album couldn't start more furious than “Æther”. The extremely fast massacre that introduces 'Avalanche' is finest high speed blasting, yet the song pretty soon turns into the absolute opposite with a quiet part that would fit post Hardcore bands. This always recurring conflict of Black Metal rage and pitch black post Hardcore and Metal parts is the fuel to the fire that keeps the tension on “Æther” on an extremely high level. 'Appât', the demo's title track 'Mélas | Kholé' and 'Naufrage' lead the way to the first peak 'Houle'. It is the long and surprisingly thrilling instrumental 'Klarträumer' with its post Black Metal feeling that marks the turning point for “Æther”, since it flows into 'Vide', a very cautiously starting song that turns into a black monster towards the end. Or should I describe it as a post black monster? The two final nearly epic songs 'Hypoxie' and 'Bruine' are either riddled with those post Hardcore and Metal moments, thus bringing “Æther” to a very worthy end. DELUGE have released a very great first sign of dark life with this album, proving once more that some of the best contemporary Black Metal comes from France. To find out more about DELUGE, visit them at or And don't forget the label in charge:

Thomas Meyer

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