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Tales For The Carnivorous
(Escaravelho Records)

It can't be denied that the good old Death Metal is ruling again like it used to be in the glorious days of the late 80s / early 90s. It's also great to see that bands emerge from countries which you don't think of first when it comes to name some favourite places of origin of the genre. In our case here we have a flesh ripping trio from Portugal, hailing from the city of Porto. The horde's aim is to keep the inheritance and spirit of the old Portuguese Death Metal legends GENOCIDE or GANGRENA alive and to tread in their footsteps. I think they are on a good way and did a damn good job on their debut MCD "Tales For The Carnivorous". This is no big surprise as you have some quite experienced musicians on board here who got their merits in bands like HOLOCAUSTO CANNIBAL or PITCH BLACK over a long period of time. The disc offers you four tracks of crushing and putrid Metal of Death as it was meant to be. A real feast for all lovers of maggot infested brutality working just with first class ingredients ranging from AUTOPSY, MASSACRE (US), MONSTROSITY, MORGOTH, BRUTALITY and other calibres in the same vein. The tracks are played with total dedication, the right feeling and attitude which is missed by so many of today's newcomers. Each tune is executed and crafted in a competent way showcasing a solid technical performance of each member. The lyrical themes are based and inspired by some classic horror flicks using some sick sound samples in the beginning of the tracks as well. Trivia: the band's monicker is derived from the Horror movie DEMENTIA 13 by Francis Ford Coppola from 1963. But now back to the music. The riffs are bonecrushing and cut like a knife into the flesh at the same time. The drumwork, done by a session member, is effective and pushes the songs always forward, developing a destructive power. The cool growls are just the icing on the cake of this really enjoyable little disc. So in case you are a worshipper of pure old school Death Metal (and who isn't one?) then you should immediately check these maniacs out. You won't regret it. Get in touch with them at

Michael Oelschlegel

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