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Slumber Of Sullen Eyes
(Xtreem Music)

History lesson, folks! Today's topic: Finnish Death Metal from the early nineties. Who can name a few bands? FUNEBRE! - Excellent, Jarne, though you still have to work on the pronunciation, sounds like a gay cowboy to me. Another one? XYSMA! - Once again absolutely correct. But let's hear it for the others as well. May I interrupt your fifth breakfast, Mr. Albrecht, and ask you? MORGOTH! - No, Mr. Albrecht, we were talking about Finnish bands, but I expected you to say that, since that's everything you reply if anyone mentions the term Death Metal. Which is the main reason while you're still sitting here, by the way. Anyway, onto Mr. Eck, who seems to find his 'All-American Triple D-sluts' rag far more interesting than our tiny little history lesson here. Can you name me some Finnish cult-acts? Ehm... ehm... Demi..., Demi... - Well Mr. Eck, although I have the slight suspicion that you're still drooling about Mrs. Demi Moore stripping down in that stupid movie, there's actually some strange truth to your answer since DEMILICH and DEMIGOD indeed were two important bands back then. Which brings us to the main topic of today's lesson: the reissue of the classic "Slumber Of Sullen Eyes" album by DEMIGOD. What do you think are the main reasons that this is widely renounced as an absolute cult-item within the underground? Maybe due to the fact, that although being absolutely on par with the best Swedish acts around at the time, they never got the same attention as them. And their Death Metal was less melodic, but darker and grimmer. They avoided the typical 'Sunlight sound, Seagrave cover'- clichés. Well, obviously most of you seem to have made their homework. But let's not forget that this re-release by Spanish Xtreem Music also includes the tracks of the legendary "Unholy Domain" demotape. There are three songs on that, which didn't make it to the album, among them 'Reincarnation', which was also covered by a German band - no, Mr. Albrecht, not MORGOTH but FLESHCRAWL some years ago. This demo has a much rawer and deeper sound which adds a lot to the morbid and eerie atmosphere of the music. So anyone who missed this classic in the past now finally has the opportunity to get it at a reasonable price. Ok, that's it for now, next time we'll be speaking about the early years of Indonesian Pagan Metal so be prepared!

Torsten Gründig

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