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Let Chaos Prevail
(Xtreem Music)

From out of the ice fields of frozen Finland, hail once more, the solitary reason most of us got into that small microcosm (Hypercube?) of a Death Metal scene, in that country, in the first place. And this as you might have surmised this was wholly for the reason of the maggot colony known as DEMIGOD. Many, many years have passed since their cult debut on Drowned Productions was issued, and then followed up with the tepidly received sophomore effort "Shadow Mechanics" on Spikefarm Records some six years ago. The musical endeavors that particular record had brought with it never seemed to cease to amaze, and while in the same breath utterly disgust, the loyal contingent of fans to this acts earlier prior works. Disgust tempered with laughter filled horror-listening sessions, the true sign of a band fallen into the mire of misguidance. As the musical alterations DEMIGOD had brought forth then to illustrate their "new" brand of Metal from such a apparition like existence in the scene, for an entire decade, with only a few demos to hold their name too and one EP in '99 that was harder to obtain than say a dentist in 18th century England. That said DEMIGOD in fact acutely lost song after song prime battleground to convert what old fans still waited on bated breath for this Death Metal horde's latest, as well as new fans who had only recently heard these old masters. The criminality of "Shadow Mechanics" was almost too much to bear witness. So you ask, what does this have to do with this album? Unfortunately more of the same, more of the same wasted disc space that DEMIGOD, had they wished to, could of easily made another brutal strike into that ancient, excoriated, chest cavity that they once culled from and fucking owned I might add! And made those of us who doubted they could draw life once again, with any amount of fervor, from those pillaged bones, left over from 1992's frozen flesh funeral "Slumber Of Sullen Eyes" quiet in reserved silence. Silenced with a seriously needed audio masterpiece! Instead however those of you the unlucky buyers who piss on my words today and shall spend your $$$ for this album anyhow, for all ye who did not heed these warnings you shall be subjected to the following... A VADER-esque cover piece / layout (think anything from "Sothis" onward), followed up by ten tracks of uninspired SEPULTURA "Chaos A.D." meets OBLIVEON "Cybervoid" material that just begs for the OFF button. DEMIGOD even decide to cross tread into today's category of sure-fire failure, the standard brand of Nu Metal / Mallcore with the limply and contrived stomp-a-thon entitled 'Cult Of Sickness' on then back on the OBLIVEON bandwagon on through to the end of the album. Unlike "Shadow Mechanics" where you had at least a couple semi notable songs as 'My Blood Your Blood' and 'Gates Of Lamentation', here within "Let Chaos Prevail" there are none. Not one song to be touted, only ten pieces that should have been housed under a different design (a different moniker at the least!) and released to the cretins who hang out in said shopping malls and of whom think they are Metal as fuck and hard as nails. Released since October of last year, it really is no wonder to me why I haven't heard more about this album. An even if this band is now signed to a company again operated by the one and only Dave Rotten, who gave DEMIGOD their debut chance, this record only proves that DEMIGOD shall not cover the ground they once used to again any time soon, when their name used to cause ears to perk up at a mere mention. And lastly, before I go I would like to end this review stating that with so much acrid, un-necessary rectal recitals that punish the listener in upwards of forty minutes on this disc, it would have been nice had someone out there clued me in about this CD and how awful it is, like with a roll of toilet paper to accompany the promo with...I can indeed take a hint you know. Buy and Wipe! Contact: or or

Wes Rhodes

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