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Shadow Cult
(Sound Riot Records)

I suppose we are now at the fifth or sixth wave of Black Metal bands. The genre has crystallized somehow the last few years, losing its avant-garde component, its rules being now firmly cast in stone (the same goes for other Metal subgenres I do nevertheless prefer, I have to add this to be honest). DEMON CHILD is another example of a good band playing good music but unable to come up with something out of the ordinary. Indeed these Finns deliver a form of music pioneered by EMPEROR ten years ago, that is Symphonic Black Metal. Grandiose atmospheres supplied by celestial keyboards are here mixed with furious guitars and voices. I don't like the drum sound throughout this disc, because of its synthetic quality (yet a real drummer is playing), and it is much too emphasised in the mix. Note that you can divide "Shadow Cult" in two parts. Before the fourth tracks, a moody and dark instrumental piece played on keyboards, the songs are simply good. On the opposite, the best tracks are featured at the end of the album, giving us a hint of what DEMON CHILD could become with an extra concern for the songwriting duty. DEMON CHILD's label seems to build a roster of competent Black Metal bands (see the SHADOW SEASON review elsewhere on this site) but I can't help to feel lukewarm regarding the future of such a formula. Either you are a completist and in this case, DEMON CHILD could provide you a fine addition to your collection, or you are searching something special, then take this album cautiously. To me, DEMON CHILD are nothing really special, sorry.

Edouard Vergriete

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