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Immense Carnage Vortex
(Blood Harvest Records)

I always had a huge impression of the Mexican Death Metal. Bands like SHUB NIGGURATH, CENOTAPH, THE CHASM as well as newer bands such as NECCROCULTUS were not only copycats of big names in the Death Metal scene, they were really something special and talking especially about SHUB NIGGURATH and CENOTAPH I listen pretty regular to some of their releases. DENIAL fit totally in this list, not only because their drummer Oscar Clorio was the ex-drummer of CENOTAPH as well as a member of the latest SHUB NIGGURATH line-up, but because they easily convince musically. Blood Harvest Records had once again the right intuition to sign this band. It's musically fantastic played Death Metal, as simple as it is. DENIAL don't even try to show off what their technical abilities are, they try to show their qualities with 2 amazing songs of Death Metal inspired by bands from the early nineties. This is old school Death Metal as it should be. Among all great Blood Harvest releases, and they have and had many of them already, this is from my point of view one of the strongest ones of this young label. I really don't want to compare DENIAL to any other band right now, as they neither sound like an American Death Metal band nor as an Scandinavian one, it's the music that should do the talking and that's why I only can advice you to check out this great Death Metal seven inch. Needless to say that the layout is done in the typical way the seven inches back in the early nineties had to look like, haha. Before I stop I have to add that they already signed a contract with Dave Rotten's Xtreem Music for their first longplayer. Well done, guys! Limited to 500 pieces! Check out or

Thomas Ehrmann

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